Distance Education Committee
Annual Report
June 28, 2002


Sal Veas, Chair
Kay Azuma
Alan Buckley
Roman Ferede
Diane Gross
Steve Hunt
Peggy Kravitz
Lesley Kawaguchi
Lisette Rabinow
Judith Remmes
Teresita Rodriquez
Howard Stahl
Winniphred Stone
Claudia Szekely
Julie Yarrish
Bill Zimmerman

The Distance Education (DE) Committee met eleven times during the year as follows:
Tuesday, June 4
Tuesday, May 7
Tuesday, May 21
Tuesday, April 23
Wednesday, March 27
Tuesday, March 26
Thursday, Dec. 13
Thursday, Dec. 6
Monday, Oct 29
Monday, Oct 1
Monday, Sept 10

The DE Committee addressed the following issues during the 2001-2002 academic year.

Special Topics

Course/Instructor Minimum Information Requirement:  In response to students and counselors, the committee addressed the need to have descriptive information regarding each course and instructor in the public pages of www.SMConline.org.  A model was developed and adopted by the committee, which created a standard for all DE faculty to follow.  Now, each instructor includes a narrative on course content, expectations, and workload, in addition to, general contact information for students and counselors to use when determining class scheduling.

DE Faculty Compensation:  As directed by the contract, the DE faculty sub-committee developed a model compensation program for DE faculty.  The committee met with faculty and compiled their concerns, examined other college programs, and used the state Academic Senate’s Best Practice report to put forth a compensation package.  The proposal was adopted by the Senate and forwarded to the Faculty Association.

DE Survey:  The committee has set the foundation for a comprehensive survey of faculty and students on their DE experience.  We intend to offer the survey during the Fall semester 2002.

Faculty Evaluations:  The committee approved and attempted to test the student/faculty evaluation process online.  With the scheduled installation of the DE server this summer, the committee anticipates running a trail during the Fall semester 2002.

On-going Operation Concerns

The committee addressed many operational issues and concerns during the year. 

Most of the admission concerns involving enrollment procedures have been addressed to the committee’s satisfaction.  One issue remains, which involves the accuracy of student emails.  The committee has made recommendations to the Dean of DE, namely to include student emails in the opening page of each student’s course webpage.

Regarding the course management software (eCollege), recommendations have been forwarded to eCollege for them to address the committee’s concerns.  This process occurs throughout the year as needed.

With the direction of the Dean of DE, the committee attempted to address the ADA requirements for DE courses.

Finally, the committee discussed the concern of student success in DE courses.  No specific recommendations have been made and further institutional research is required.

This summary is a brief overview of our activities during the 2001-2002 academic year.   Minor concerns and issues have been omitted, as well as, discussions which did not lead to committee action.